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Proven Revenue Operations leader, adept at driving growth and ensuring operational efficiency in high-velocity SaaS startups. A key partner to C-suite executives, offering a strong track record of bridging departmental silos between sales, marketing, and customer support for unified objectives. Recognized for data-driven acumen, technical agility, and a collaborative leadership style that fosters cross-team synergy and consistently achieves aggressive revenue targets.


Revenue Operations Strategy

Comprehensive expertise in revenue growth through effective strategy formulation and implementation. Proficient in forecasting, reporting, pricing strategies, and sales compensation models aligned with broader business goals.

Technical Aptitude

In-depth knowledge of revenue tech stack including CRM, CPQ, subscription billing systems, and sales acceleration software. Proven capability in integrating new tools and solutions to optimize business operations.

Analytics and DatA Proficiency

Strong ability to leverage data to derive insights and guide decision-making. Skilled in SQL, Excel, database management, and business intelligence tools for robust analytics.

Business Acumen

Acute understanding of the key drivers behind profitable revenue growth, backed by solid comprehension of financial metrics and KPIs relevant to the industry.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Proven ability to lead and coordinate cross-functional teams, aligning sales, marketing, and customer support toward common revenue goals.

Project Management

Adept in managing projects from concept to completion, focusing on budgeting, scheduling, and stakeholder engagement.

Professional Experience


Director of Revenue Operations

StudentBridge - Remote

Spearheads the revenue strategy in a fast-growing B2B SaaS startup, achieving alignment across sales, marketing, and customer support to surpass key performance indicators (KPIs). Institutes data-driven practices, upskills team capabilities, and enhances access to quality data, driving optimal performance and facilitating rapid scalability.

Selected Contributions:

  • Operational Efficiency: Strategizes revenue operations initiatives, reducing sales cycle length by 32%, decreasing customer churn by 21%, and slashing annual technology expenditures by 62.5%.

  • Conversion Optimization: Utilizes CRM expertise, data analytics, and marketing automation to innovate lead generation and lifecycle systems, catalyzing a 31% increase in conversion rates and a 15% uptick in overall sales revenue.

  • Sales Enablement: Devised and executed a comprehensive program, empowering the sales force to consistently surpass revenue targets and seize top-of-funnel opportunities, leading to a 17% increase in revenue attainment.


Director of Marketing

Peerless Tech Solutions - Washington, District of Columbia

Owned and executed a comprehensive suite of strategic marketing initiatives that drove consistent quarterly overperformance in both sales and marketing goals. Conducted in-depth market analysis and stakeholder feedback loops to inform content strategy, web optimization, lead generation, and revenue operations. Demonstrated a keen ability to align marketing activities with revenue outcomes, optimizing database management and sales enablement to foster business growth.

Selected Contributions:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilized in-depth industry and market research to inform a redesigned company website, resulting in a 513% surge in session-to-lead conversion rates.

  • Database Expansion: Expanded the contact database by 1,285% through an effective inbound marketing strategy.


Project Manager

RFD Construction - Walterboro, South Carolina

Oversaw end-to-end project management with a focus on operational efficiency and financial prudence, managing budgets, schedules, and milestones. Led a performance-centric culture, ensuring safety compliance and stakeholder engagement. Demonstrated leadership in driving team excellence, impacting both operational and bottom-line metrics.

Selected Contributions:

  • Profit Margin Growth: Successfully grew profit margins from 5% to 45% by restructuring the bidding process.

  • Revenue Maximization: Increased average revenues per job from $60K to $475K, contributing to a 133% jump in total annual revenue.


Various Roles (Product Owner, Conversion Optimization Strategist, Senior Inbound Marketing Strategist)

BoomTown - Charleston, South Carolina

Served in multiple roles over a 3-year tenure, driving product strategy, marketing optimization, and sales enablement. Excelled in cross-functional collaborations, analytics-driven planning, and creative problem-solving to elevate organizational performance across various departments.

Selected Contributions:

  • Strategic Impact: Increased team output by 28%, optimized conversion rates by 23%, and generated a robust opportunity pipeline for sales.

  • Data-Driven Planning: Leveraged analytics tools like Google Analytics and VWO to enhance decision-making and program efficacy.

  • Content & SEO: Produced and optimized over 1M words of high-quality content, significantly boosting search engine rankings and customer engagement.


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